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Follow-Up System

How frequently do people seeking work from home opportunities leave your website with the intent of returning and requesting more information, yet for whatever reason, never make it back? More often than not? Of course, this is lost opportunity for for parties!

No matter how compelling your offer may be, in our overworked, highly mobile society, it is difficult to get a visit to focus on your opportunity, grasp the entire concept and respond to your call to action. Some companies offer a free ebook. However, an ebook can be overwhelming. Others have page after page on their website. Again, this can be overwhelming. The best method in our opinion is to offer the visitor something like a free gift by providing their name and email and then spoon feed the them your message in small doses spaced spaced over time through follow-up emails.

Home Business University is a sophisticated, feature rich system for delivering scheduled follow-up messages by email:

  • Messages can be an eCourse which can include as many lessons as you desire.

  • Each lesson is totally customized by you and can be as long or short as you desire.

  • Each lesson is personalized for the recipient with any information you desire.

  • Personalization and email address can be automatically posted to our system.

  • Lessons can be spaced as many days apart as desired.

  • Broadcast one time messages to all enrollees.

  • We can custom-tailor a program to suit most any situation.

If you would like to secure more information on our phenomenal follow-up system please contact sales@homebusinessuniversity.net.


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